used: a rug made in quarantine

a hand me down that got less comfy time --> instead of more comfy
Did you know that you can return anything -->
to patagonia? I hate returning things so these yoga pants with the busted seam are here now and I no longer have to wonder if I’ll ever bring them back

Remember American Apparel?  --->
When they went out of business I bought lots of these shirts thinking I’d never see the likes again. They’re weirdly thick and hot and I dont like them.

During the first week of my first year of -->
grad school, our dept. spontaneousl took a trip to Chicago for the architecture Biennial. It was so hot, and I only packed jeans so I bought this ugly dress at H&M. My classmate told me “it’s so YOU”, to which I replied, “you mean bland and shapeless?” I am a real jerk sometimes.

<---t-shirt from handmade/mindmade show in SF I participated in as woodworking student. The shirt shrunk after its first washing. 2015
<-- my dad died when I was 11. He was an artist and my relatives are always giving me his paintings, which are huge and I have no space for. What I did have space for were these t-shirts which were screen printed with his work for a gallery that represented him. I wore them consistently in high school and college until they were threadbare. Then I kept them in a drawer. And moved and moved. Now I can see them everyday without having to talk about my dead dad.
<---this one got more comfy as I wore it. It reached the point of not looking like a shirt as much as a statement.
<--- this one too.

<-- during a late night walk, I came across a few of these t-shirts outside the church near my house. There was a cartoon virgin Mary on them with a slogan: “Empowering women since 0 BC”
<--- holes, I always get holes at my waist level.

<-- my rich friend gave me this fancy cotton nightgown that was actually not very comfortable. I assumed it was expensive so I held onto it for 3 years. Now I can enjoy it with my feet. 

<--- I visited Michigan with Phoebe in July to find a house to live in during grad school. We had both taken obcenely scheduled Spirit AIr flights, from either cost. We rented a car and saw at least 15 different homes. Exhausted, I realized I had forgotton to pack underwear and a change of clothes so we drove to the fanciest mall I’ve ever been in and I bought this t-shirt at the gap (along with 2 pairs of underware)