Table for Børge

table measures  30" x 43" x 29”

Børge Mogensen BM61 and BM62 Replicas

During my second semester at College of the redwoods, I built replicas of Børge Mogensen's dining chairs BM62 and 63. I was drawn to this design after seeing it in a scandinavian chair book and proceeded to recreate the pattern and shapes by scaling up photographs I found online. They are a classic danish midcentury modern design, with simple geometry and clean lines. Structurally, these chairs feature double bridle joints and through tenons, bent laminated backs and hand caned seats.

With one month left, I decided the chairs needed a table.  It's an apartment sized little table for two. I chose Ash to match the color of the cane, and borrowed from the geometry and joinery of the chairs to design the legs. Table features a veneered top in Swedish ash, double bridle joinery on the legs and a caned shelf for napkins and the like. It’s a funny thing to design something for some other thing, like playing match maker for furniture. The table is an offering to a well loved designer, embodied in the replicas of his well known chair. I hope they like each other.